What’s the problem? (Part 1: It starts with access)

Access to high speed internet/broadband is a challenge in many parts of upstate New York. The state sees a wide range of internet speed and access with some communities benefiting from high speed internet access and others struggling with slow or unreliable internet service. This blog post written by Jeannie Choi (journalist and CUNY graduate student and Sophia Rosenbaum) from last year, offers more information on the digital divide in upstate New York.

The map (right) created by the New York State Broadband Office clearly shows just how much of New York state is in the dark when it comes to high-speed internet access (with most of the North Country Region being left behind at this point). The NYS Broadband Office estimates that about 1.1 million New Yorkers currently have no access to high-speed broadband.

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