Broadband in the US

Under the US Department of Commerce is an agency called the National telecommunications and Information Administration.  They had administered several programs related to federal funding and assistance to fund Broad Band Access.  Reports related to these grants are found on their website BroadbandUSA.

One of the difficulties we see in some funding sources that try to aid the Digital Divide and provide access is how the funding is spent.  This 2013 New York Times Article , by Edward Wyatt highlights one case where the NTIA grant might have missed the mark.

All Tech Considered, a segment of Fresh Air on NPR, interviewed Susan Crawford who has written a book called “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the Gilded Age.”  As part of her interview, she gives an overview of the state of US Internet infrastructures: NPR Audio Clip of interview “When it comes to High-speed Internet the US is falling behind”



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