Inspiration, what works, and further considerations

I wanted to share some ideas and thoughts from a variety of sources on the topic of bridging the digital divide. What follows are a few articles and videos from people on the ground who are working in the fields of education and information technology and who have a close connection to the efforts (on all levels) of bridging the digital divide. These articles and videos offer a variety of perspectives and some useful ideas to consider before setting out to create digital access and training programs in the rural communities of upstate New York.

Day, Lori. (2013). Bridging the New Digital Divide. edutopia. Retrieved July 11, 2014 from:
In this article focusing on the relationship of students and teachers to technology at a prosperous charter school, we get a sense of some of the challenges facing any community as it tries to integrate digital literacy skills and digital tools into its learning centers. Of special interest is the discussion of a need to find a balance between virtual and real world experiences within the push toward digital goals.

Harvey, B. (2014). Bridging the Digital Divide. Education Week. Retrieved July 11, 2014 from:
This article by Brison Harvey, a Social Studies teacher in Lexington, KY, offers suggestions for how teachers can infuse digital learning into their classrooms and create access opportunities for all students. The article also deals with some of the major considerations to think about before implementing new tools or techniques.

The Knight Foundation. Five Lessons in Bridging the Digital Divide. Retrieved July 11, 2014 from:
The Knight Foundation offers great tips for working to bridge the digital divide in under-served or un-served communities in the United States. The video testimonial of one of the graduates of their basic training program offers another great perspective on what the digital divide means for real people.

Morgan, R. & Bedi, I. S. (2013). Bridging the Digital Divide: Connecting the unconnected. Knowledge Center, Analysys Mason. Retrieved July 11, 2014 from:
This article offers perspective on the meaning of “digital divide” and the implications of the same. Data is provided to support the relationships between digital access and prosperity (the information all deals with EU countries but the general analysis can apply to digital divides in other regions as well). Most interesting are the suggestions for infrastructure intervention to create more fluid access across socioeconomic barriers.

Molinari, A. (2011) Let’s Bridge the Digital Divide!. TedTalk. Retrieved July 2, 2014 from:

In this video, Fundación Proacceso founder Aleph Molinari discusses the true meaning of the “digital divide” or as he calls it, “the digital abyss”. He offers thoughts and information about how his foundation is working to provide customized programs and support for digital access and training to under-served communities in Mexico. There are many great lessons to take from this video from thoughts on the carbon footprint of one-to-one technology programs, to the loss of ideas and perspectives from whole segments of the global population due to a lack of ICT access. Molinari’s holistic approach to bridging the divide is full of good sense and good lessons.  For more information on Fundación Proacceso go to:

Fundación Proacceso